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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 ' 4:35:00 PM .

 Can you see the little parrots? They are so cute!
I was afraid that they must just fly away or on me.. haha

 A nice pic of sister and me!
But she still always smiles like that! ;p

 Nice to have hubby to spend time with me & my family..
Loves! and thank you!! =)

Final Pic of the day..! =)

Saturday, December 01, 2012 ' 5:06:00 PM .

Its been a while since I blogged.
I need so many things in life now..
So many wants (maybe needs).
What to do?

Things to buy / do:
- Dress for CNY
- Bag for CNY
- BB Cream
- Dresses for Office
- Adidas running shorts
- Canon Camera S100 or S110.
- New latop (6 years alr)
- LV bag
- Slim down -.-
- Pack room
- Do house chores (maid not around anymore)
- Pack my room
- Throw unwanted things away

Saturday, October 27, 2012 ' 5:51:00 PM .

I have officially turned 23! Oh my, time do really flies.
started work at stelop for coming a year now..
i can still rem the day i was picked to come for work / sign LOA..
honestly, i dont know if i want to do HR for all my life..
not sure if this is the right route for me..
If i really do wanna take or go to the accounting route, I need to study my MPA soon..

I have been trying this Laneige sleeping pack Ex..
It seems good to hydrate your face! =)

Thursday, November 10, 2011 ' 4:58:00 PM .

I have officially graduated from Murdoch University!!!
I am
officially an adult now.. the sad thing is that I have to look for a job..
then sit all day and get busy.. I'm so afraid that i'll get fat..
I am considering to be a teacher as a career.. applied for it.. but no avail..
if I cannot be a teacher, I will have to look around for a HR position..
I have went for a few interviews so far,
but either its not something I want or they don't want me..
I have not been talking with God for a while.. Hope he guides and lights my path..

I want to be well to do, or rather I don't want to be poor or tight in cash..
I don't need to be rich, cause I am afraid I will change for the worse..
If I earn 1 million, I'm worried that I am unable to give God my 10% ($100,000)..
One of my friend taught me to think the other way, that I still have $900,000..

Things between Marcus & I are going quite well..
HDB are not that easy to get.. we wanted to do it a couple of years back..
but we didn't, and it is so competitive now to even get a place..
We wanted just a 4-room flat to start of with then move to a bigger place like a Condo..
Then we thought, it is already so hard to get a unit now, we might as well get a 5-room or Executive Condo instead.. Well, it is not up to our decision I guess, it's time to trust in the Lord that he will provide shelter for both of us..

sometimes, I get very unhappy with some people's behavior.
some people are just so 'ACT'.. they say one thing but do the complete opposite..
or sometimes people can say how fair or not bias they are, but sometimes its a blind spot hat only third parties can see.. I hate the feeling of 'unfairness'..
I can't get over that feeling, and with my straightforward character,
I would just tell the person how I am really feeling..

' 4:49:00 PM .
I love instant noodles... but...

Is It Healthy to eat Instant Noodles?

Instant Noodles is a popular cheap food item that keeps coming up to the market to attract the fast paced community of youngsters. Even though it is convenient to the user by saving a lot of their cooking time of but it is very unhealthy to consume because of its low nutritional value, rich in preservatives, deep fry causes cancer, etc.

What is instant noodles?

Instant noodles are dried or precooked noodles fused with oil, and often sold with a packet of flavoring. Dried noodles are usually eaten after being cooked or soaked in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes, while precooked noodles can be reheated, or eaten straight from the packet

How are you aware of the good and bad effects of the instant noodles?

Instant noodles are often criticized as junk food since it is high in carbohydrates and low in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It has high level of saturated fat and trans fat. It is bad for the health due the high calorie and the flavoring (MSG) used inside.

What is MSG and its after effects?

MSG stands for Monosodium Glutamate is a chemical additive used as a flavor enhancer with no substitute. MSG causes neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases as well as seizures, brain cell and damage, allergies, rashes, asthma attacks, headaches, and brain tumors.

MSG is not only found in noodles but is used around the globe in soups and broths, sauces, gravies, and flavoring and spice blends. MSG is also present in a variety of processed foods such as canned and frozen meats, fish, poultry, vegetables, and ready-to-eat food plates, dressings, ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauce, sausages, snacks, some processed cheeses, soup powders for instant noodles, etc.

Is it safe to eat instant noodles on daily basis?

Absolutely not. Once you have consumed instant noodles, it will take 4 to 5 days to excrete the wax, which is coated on the noodles, from the body. But we can get rid off the wax if the noodles are cooked in the right way.

What is the right way of cooking instant noodles?

  • Boil the noodles in a pot with water.
  • Once the noodles is cooked, drain the water (Repeat the procedure 3 to 4 times)
  • Boil another pot of water till boiling and put the noodles into the hot boiling water and then shut the fire.
  • Only at this stage when the fire is off, and while the water is very hot, put the ingredient with the powder into the water, to make noodle soup.
  • However, if you need dry noodles, take out the noodles and add the ingredient with the powder and toss it to get dry noodles.

Even though the basic ingredient of the instant noodle is wheat flour, it is not advisable to eat on a regular basis due to its MSG content and wax coating but can have it for a change in the regular menu, if it is cooked in the right way. Remember, it is not healthy to eat noodles.

Wishing you all a good health!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 ' 3:14:00 PM .
hi ?

hubby is dozing and here i am blogging! hehe ;p
it's been a long time since i last blogged.
feels interesting and new.. keke

just celebrated john's birthday last week.
it was interesting. here is a photo of who attended! :)
it's been a while since i saw anna, and i think she still looks the same :)
she was the one who taught me how to peel a prawn with fork and spoon!

maki is accepted to some university in australia.
he has decided to go there. one person less in the group after this year :(
oh well, nevertheless, everyone decided to do something special.
all of us shall go on a trip somewhere together!

mummy's operation was a success and i am so glad that she is doing so much better. thank God for looking over her.
sometimes, i really feel that living in this world is so tough.
everyone is striving for things like money and success,
over family relations and spiritual needs.
when you have a bf, u spend less time with family.
when u have important friends, u spend less time with bf, family & god.

marcus's cousin wedding is coming up in Bali.
she invited me personally, but i am not sure if i am able to go.
but i do feel like going! hehe :)

marcus's parents came back from US not so long ago!
and aunty bought many many handbags.
she gave me & marie a Coach bag :) *likes*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 ' 3:42:00 PM .


Eau-Thermale-Avene-Rich-Skin-Recovery-Cream-40ml (1)

Eau-Thermale-Avene-Rich-Skin-Recovery-Cream-40ml (2)



think I am going to start using this! Bought it since last year but did not manage to use it at all..
I actually thought of selling it off, but after reading these reviews, i decided to use them!
my pimples have been popping out recently.. the left cheek & forehead is so much better!
however, there are still some outbreaks on my right cheeks!
i am getting a little annoyed with this skin problem..
tired of always doing make-up to feel more confident..
have to go through all that hassle before going to sleep everyday..
man, it is really a chore.. hope things get better! :)

' 1:41:00 PM .
I Hate This Kind of People!

21 Feb'11
SGYxxxxJ Grey BMW
Approximately 9.45
Scratch on right side; no dent

- Doing 3 point turn (u-turn)
- BMW comes
- could not pass through the first time, had to reverse again. BMW inches forward knowing that I couldn't pass.
- BMW was very close
- thinking I could pass, I inched forward & drove.
- BMW horns like crazy (more than 5 times)
- I stopped & look back. Owners get down, I got down too.
- owner claims that I scratched his car, but I did not feel anything.
- after checking on both cars, there was a scratch.
- I apologized a few times. I said that his car was near. BMW got very defensive & said he was stationary.
- BMW wants to see my IC, asks me how. I asked back what do u suggests. He did not suggest anything, so I suggested to let it go. He was talking loudly & testing me. He said he wanted to claim for insurance. (who will claim for such small stuff) He said he wanted to talk to my father. Thinking that my father will protect me, I called.

- when daddy came down, I went to park the car, & they started talking. I only heard part of the conversation. "that I should not say let it go, plus he know the car is one of the residents here. Always remembered as a man driving, not a little girl. Thought going to be a 'hit & run'. Saying that should not tel him that my daddy is aggressive (with all the fighting actions)" Daddy asks how much to pay for the damages. BMW says it's okay, take it as meeting a new friend. Shakes daddy's hands, & walk away.

- he inched forward knowing that I couldn't pass through.
- he said he wanted to claim insurance. (taking me as a fool)
- talked loudly to a lady like me. (a little gangster like)
- did not suggest a thing, so I suggested. (straight forward) If u wanted $, I could have easily given it to you.
- called me a little girl (I'm more legal than u think I am)
- contradicting saying you know the car, them say think hit & run. If I wanted to run, I would have.
- made peace with daddy, & thought I was transparent.

Friday, January 07, 2011 ' 12:40:00 PM .


It has been a long time since i blogged..
I guess it is not a habit anymore..
Anyway, Christmas was nice, receive a lot of presents!
It was pretty rushy though, church had a different service timing..
Service was good, Marcus & I were lucky to get ourselves a seat upstairs..
Church was so full!!! this Christmas I feel recharged again..
I want to walk with God, love him more, and learn to be a prayer warrior..
I guess, jia you to myself! I am glad to have Marcus..
God is love, because of him, I am able to love my family & Marcus..
Love is a wonderful feeling, by knowing Jesus, i feel that i am able to love better..
Thank you Lord..
After all the wonderful service, we met Marie's boyfriend!
He seems like a nice guy and seems very proper.. Good..
Marcus & I had to run to both of our relatives sides..
Thank God both our families and grandparents stay nearby..

We planned a countdown, wanted to have a bbq..
Either at andre's place, or my place or marcus's place..
Ee just intended to countdown, but all of us ended up staying over!
Which i thought everyone was so steady and awesome!
John & Andre ended up sleeping, such a turn off..
Oh well, at least we had quite a great time counting down..
Something interesting, everyone had to take a shot every 2 hours!
Even Andre took it, such a surprise! it was great..
Can't wait to see all their girlfriends though, so that i could have some more company.. haha!

Something happened on Wednesday.. I miss SP, SS is just messy & crazy..
My daddy's car got wheel-camped, we are residents here, so ridiculous..
We called the Guard House to ask the guards to come down to speak to us.
Not only was the reception bad, the guard could not understand a single thing we were saying.
This is atrocious, when I asked him who wheel-clamped a car today,
he giggled and said, "everyone wheel-clamp cars here.'
Seriously, what kind of attitude is this? It was sarcastic and arrogant.
We were furious. We then walked to the Guardhouse with that heavy rain.
Surprisingly, there were many people (or rather, men) at the Guardhouse.
Not bothering about them, we told the guard to release or un-clamp the car.
A man then said, "No." They said that we had to pay $100 for the un-clamping.
My dad then demanded him of an explanation.
We did not have the transponder because the Management lost our application form.
We had to re-apply again. They did not give us a Temporary Pass on their own accord.
We had to ask for it. But we can only park on the visitor lots. Gosh.
All the people who were standing at the Guardhouse, were the Management.
There were some people who were loud and rough with their words.
They said, "call police ah, call lah! want to video, video lah!"
Seriously, I have not seen a man so childish.
It seems as though I was in Sec Sch where kids were asking to fight.
Of course, we were not nice with our tone & volume.
Things became very agitated and bad. They and Dad nearly got into a fight.
I then called the Police. They then came when the problem was almost settled.
The Chairman spoke and said that he will un-clamp the car and check with the Management.
They took down all our particulars. And said something that I found very reasonable.
'How could you clamp a Resident's car? Couldn't you have checked first?'
Ya, why the hurry to clamp the car? Just to earn that $100?
It would harm or take much time to check that car-plate number out, then call the resident right?
We were heated up because of that guard that was so rude.
They were heated up because of the heavy rain and system that couldn't work.
Causing so much jam and unhappiness of the residents.
Oh well, it was just a bad day for all of these to happen.
If they wanted to try a new system, they should inform the Residents first beforehand.
I mean, how hard is it to put up a Notice at the lifts or drop it in letter box?

There is really a problem with the Management.
Visitor carparks are not done well, big puddles are always there..
Maybe that is the cause of mosquitoes, my bro, sis & I had so many mosquitoes bites!
Gates are not functioning well.. Took more than a month to fix the side gates..

There are leaks in our home, water pipes are running so loudly..
All the gates are getting rusty, no re-painting was done..
The swimming pool jacuzzi is not working well all of the time, sometime, it even smells.
The toilet looks nice, but not all the shower rooms are working. In fact, only one is working.
The jacuzzi in the jacuzzi was on fire once, didn't they maintain it?

Management, management, but who is exactly doing something about it..?
Who is the one who can actually make decision around here?
If only I could have SS house in SP compound. It would be awesome.

Thursday, September 02, 2010 ' 12:23:00 PM .

have not been blogging for quite some time..

anniversary was sweet.. honey bought me roses, card and hp pouch..
i only bought him a little bag that didnt cost much..

nevertheless, we had a great day..

honey brought me to somewhere that was very beautiful..
keppel bay @ marina..
we ate at preve.. it was dark, couldnt see clearly of the food..

but we sure could see the beautiful scenery..
for the first time, we kind of watched the sunset.. *sweets*

have not watched sunrise yet though..................

gave wei wei (sis) 2 ear piece for her birthday, same as yang yang (bro)..
she liked it =) cause hers spoilt quite some time back..

celebrated wei's birthday at ah ma house..

here is the photo which we took and i like it a lot..

celebrated yang's birthday at orchard hotel buffet..
kind of good huh? haha ;p

for the first time, wei wei had her guitar concert..
she was very nervous until she got a stomach ache..
haha ;p so cute..
feeling proud of her =)
she only performed 2 songs though..
spend the rest of the time listening to other schools and other people..

nevertheless, these are some of the photos we took during breaktime..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Singapore !!!
went to this NTUC thing where people will sit on ground mats..

and celebrate national day together..

kind of meaningful, but it was very warm during the evenings..

things got so much better during the night..

the goodie bags are more special than the real ones in padang..

my birthday is coming up.. these are all the people invited..
however, not all of them got back to me yet..
so far only got about 30 people =)
hope to confirm soon, so that i can get the right amount of food..

man, food can be expensive too.. about half a K ?
GOSH, I am still thinking of what to WEAR ...!

um, birthday wishes?
Perfume, Ang Bao, & Big Presents !!!
I still need decor and birthday cake ...

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